"In a position with more space, it is easier to find good moves."

MagnusCarlsen, 16th chess world champion

Upon his win against LevonAronian, Լևոն Գրիգորի Արոնյան, 3rd round of the Norway Chess 2018.

Thanking both great bright minds of our century. ArtIsFood. \o ♞f5g7e8g7g4!c6c4 oops! ChessHaiku \o.

"Now that everything is going so well, it's just a joy." ♘d2e4g5e4! Dear Magnus

Brief analysis by Mr. GM DanielKing, here.

You may find my analysis of the game in the lichess study sourced by the iframe below. Click here if the iframe does not work for you. Note, the lichess study has chat open for everyone so feel free to share your comments and variations. Cloning is also open for everyone so you can base your analysis on this one. Please drop a comment with your study link if you clone so people reading the main study will be aware of your version as well.

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